I have studied abroad, diploma recognition may interest me.


What is diploma recognition?

It is an official decision which determines the value of your qualifications in relation to the Belgian education system.

Do I have a “diploma”?

By diploma, we refer to your certificates of academic qualifications. For diploma recognition, the study programme that you have followed must be recognized as an educational programme by the authorities of your country.

Why should I apply for diploma recognition?

Diploma recognition can be useful for several reasons: to find a job, to continue your studies, to start a self-employed activity, to find a vocational training or to practise a regulated profession. Please note that a diploma recognition is not always essential. There are other possibilities to have your skills recognized and to achieve your goals.

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J’ai été à l’école ou ai étudié à l’étranger, l’équivalence de diplôme m’intéresse.

You would you like to get your studies recognized in Belgium?

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